Love & Hip Hop Afterparty Live!


Now, when the weekly episode of Love & Hip Hop ends – the real party begins! THE AFTER PARTY LIVE is a half-hour, interactive, deeper dive that will give fans a chance to ask and get answers to all the burning questions they have from that night’s episode – LIVE! The show digs in on the motivations behind the cast’s actions, while capturing their real time reactions of as they are put on the spot! Guided by our host BIG TIGGER, the viewing audience – whether watching from home or engaged on social media – gets to directly interact with and question the cast. This is an opportunity for the fans to really get to know their favorite reality television stars. And for the cast, who themselves have just seen that episode for the very first time, it is also a chance to defend their actions and maybe even get the last word in. The show also highlights the funniest, most outrageous memes, IG postings, Tweets and Vines about the night’s episode as quickly as they appear on the internet. Everyone’s invited to this party and trust, you don’t want to miss it...’cause it’s the only place to get all the Love & Hip Hop tea you didn’t get to see!