Can’t Get a Date


Finding love isn’t easy. It means having to date, and that is something many people are just no good at. They might be intelligent, witty, even good looking, but somehow they can’t say or do the right things to attract and intrigue potential partners. Can’t Get a Date explores their problems as our unseen Host teaches them the skills to find love in an honest, amusing and unique way. It’s poignant. It’s incisive. And it’s always the truth - even when it hurts. It’s about the changes real people make to find love. The characters reveal, consciously or otherwise, what has been hindering them in their search for romance. Each has his or her own peculiar problems, which The Host uncovers and explains to them. Some accept the critiques; others reject them. Either way, each subject then undergoes a reformation at the hands of coaches, stylists, barbers — whoever The Host feels is best prepared to make a difference. These are not tepid makeovers performed by self-proclaimed “experts,” but rather a fun parade of genuine insights and assistance from down-to-earth everyday people. The subject makes a physical transformation before the audience’s eyes, and their attitudes evolve through interactions with The Host - sometimes heated, sometimes hilarious, and always unexpected. When the dust settles, the subject is a different person, inside and out. They now have the tools they need to inspire desire instead of disdain in potential dates. Can’t Get a Date is a hypnotizing portrait of ordinary people as they wrestle with the most challenging, confusing and fascinating human activity. It’s one show everybody can relate to.