Formed in 2004, Eastern is a full service media production company with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. With clients in broadcast, online and corporate, Eastern’s focus is on the subtle art of storytelling. Our approach pairs extensive experience with technical mastery, allowing us to deliver compelling narratives within high-gloss wrappers.

Toby Barraud


As the son of the Executive Producer of Australasia’s largest commercial production company, Toby was raised on a diet of craft service. Witnessing the horrors of 1980s commercial production somehow failed to dissuade him from following a similar path and after moving to New York he worked his way up from being a pedicab driver to his current role. Throughout this strange journey he has never forgotten Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Stefan Springman


During his years traveling the world recording audio for everything from million-dollar commercials to 60 Minutes segments, Stefan witnessed first-hand how dramatically people change their behavior the moment a camera is pointed their way. Developing his own theories on how to make the filming process more organic, he built the innovative Inquisitor camera system and sold his first show idea, Can’t Get a Date, based on its unique way of naturally capturing interviews. He remains an ardent observer of human behavior despite having heard and seen too much of it.

Gregg Lieberman

SVP of Development

Upon entering the workforce in 1984 all Gregg wanted was a job at a magazine. And somehow, despite his irrelevant accounting degree and zero editorial experience, he spent the next 12 years as a writer, editor and executive for a travel publishing company. Then he moved into advertising, creating campaigns for clients like Chase and Subaru, before heeding the call of Stefan and Toby and joining Eastern to help develop almost all the specials and series you see on our Shows page.

Carmen Mitcho

VP of Programming

Carmen comes to Eastern after more than a decade showrunning in the docu-series world. He began his career at E! Entertainment Television and the Style Network where he executive produced celeb-centric shows like Ice Loves CocoGiuliana & BillKimora: Life in the Fab Lane, and Taradise.  Carmen went on to produce shows for VH1, A&E, Oxygen, Pop, and The Golf Channel and has made a career of telling the stories of colorful characters including Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, Miami nail artists and Las Vegas showgirls. 

Nick Predescu

VP of Production

Young Nick wanted to be an architect but the Saturdays he spent as a child at his grandmother’s workplace — CBS Broadcast Center — got him hooked on making TV instead. Nick now builds budget and production plans for Eastern’s many projects, having joined us after a dozen years as a network executive working on scripted, documentary, comedy, variety, dating, and late night series. And in his spare time Nick indulges his construction urge renovating and rebuilding his home.